MAT Real Estate is the firm that has been established in 2014. with primary goal to manages a variety real estate within the parent company.
Company Matijevic has been established in 1994. with producing and selling meat and meat products as a primary work, but with different kind of investments work has expanded on agriculture, hospitality, trade, recycling and examination of food safety. More above, company is the founder of the non-profit foundation dr Spiro Matijevic.
This kind of development path of the company created a need that exists one separated firm that would handle all kind of real estate that are in the property of firms inside of the company. Beside renting and selling different kind of real estate, the firm manages Mat hotels, shopping center Sad Novi Bazaar and SC New Nork, as well as firms  Uzor, Tekstil promet and Sloboda.

The primary goal of establishing this firm is centralization of data and information flow indoor to get constant presentation of all real estates of all firms inside of company, but also unification of the work in all hotels.

Team of people that are employed in MAT Real Estate successfully communicates every day with all firms inside of the company and in that way presents complete real estate offer, offer of the MAT hotels and shopping centers.


In order to increase competitiveness and better representation MAT HOTELS combines 4-star hotels.

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MAT Real Estate

Mat Real Estate provides a complete offer of all real properties that we rent or sell and all of them are the property of firms that are part of the company.

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Shopping Center Sad Novi Bazaar

Shopping center Sad Novi Bazaar is inevitable shopping place in Novi Sad.

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Shopping Center SC NEW NORK

Shopping center SC NewNork is distinctive building situated in the city center

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